“Transforming lives; Restoring God’s Temple”

On June 12th, 2016 Pastor Karl Smith and Co-pastor Michelle Waugh-Smith affectionately called Lady Michelle by her church family, launched out at 2257 Madison Ave. in the West Baltimore community of Baltimore City. A long-awaited dream and a vision for both dedicated servants of God.  They followed the leading of the Holy Ghost and waited for His prompting before leaving their nest. Pastor and Co-Pastor received their training from Life-Line Outreach Prayer Ministries in Randallstown Maryland. Overseer Apostle Walker, Pastor Willie-Mae Hill, and Co-Pastor Pamella Mazior respectively. Pastor Willie-Mae Hill was an instrumental source in the grooming of both Pastor Smith and Co-Pastor Michelle Waugh-Smith. She taught them true discipleship, Holiness, and the precepts of doing all things in the body of Christ in excellence, decency, and order. Pastor Hill recognized the prophetic anointing gifts within Pastor Smith. He usually gives the story of when he first walked into Lifeline. Pastor Hill touched his belly and told him “God has planted something on the inside of you and it was time for it to come forth.” He would smile each time he tells this story.  That was the beginning of a new era for Pastor Smith.

Pastor Hill also recognized the gift of Teaching within Co-Pastor Michelle and she started using her within a month of joining the church. Her growth was consistent and spirit-led. From the kid’s Sunday school teacher to the youth and then to the adult class. She participated in church functions, led community Evangelism, and many more Kingdom-building activities.  Pastor Smith was ordained Elder by the Apostle and Pastor of Lifeline Outreach Prayer Center while Lady Michelle was ordained, Evangelist, and Teacher. When the time came to go beyond the home at Lifeline, Pastor Hill gave her blessings as the couple moved forward to assist other churches and then as the Lord would will them to start their own ministry. Restoration Gospel International Ministries a Non-Denominational Church was birthed. Our doors were opened for the first time on June 12, 2016, at 2257 Madison Ave. A beautiful historic building that was previously a Jewish Synagogue. Since then we have shared dwelling with Bishop Jones and Lady Marlene two wonderfully anointed servants of God in the Windsor Mill neighborhood. Pastor Smith and Lady Michelle continue in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ doing his will in Church leadership, Overseas Ministry, and home ministry. They live in the quiet community of Randallstown with their three boys. They feel truly blessed to have been called to function in kingdom building for the lord. Evangelist’s favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33 and Pastor Smith’s favorite scripture is Roman’s 8:28. We are blessed to have two wonderful dedicated and obedient servants leading the body of Christ.

Truly Blessed

RGI Family

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