Our Mission Statement

Restoration Gospel International Ministries seeks to put people back into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ Nationally and Internationally.  By the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, with continuous SUBMISSION and OBEDIENCE to the foundation that was laid down for us by Jesus Christ our Lord in His word. Lives will be Transformed as our bodies which is the Temple of The Most High God is Restored unto Him.

Our Vision

The vision of RGI’s Ministries is to enable individual change through the teaching of the word of God and therefore becoming willing and able kingdom servants. We believe that the Holy Ghost will equip the RGI family with Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the Word of God. As we get to know who Jesus is and His love for us, we will then grow in Love for ourselves and for one-another. With new found Love we can boldly go forth and do the works which we were commissioned to do.

And he said unto them,” Go ye unto all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to “win souls” to christ. We accomplished this through equipping our members through *bible based teaching*. In that, we learn *how to function*in the body of christ as *Ministers of Reconciliation* . The Royal Priesthood of which our Lord Jesus Christ is the high Priest. ( for we are joined heirs, joint reconcilers, joint atoners with Christ *Roman 8: 17*)

We therefore are led by the spirit, recieving Spiritual gifts to function in our calling. We go into the world serving, helping, healing, delivering,  restoring and transforming lives through the Holy Ghost that dwell within us . Through RGI’s various ministries this is accomplished.

( 2 Cor 5 : 11-21 , Romans 12 : 1, Roman 8 : 17 , Hebrews 5: 4-5)